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The Choraliers ended their 2015-2016 Season with an Award Party on Wednesday, April 27th.  This was a great group of singers this year and six of the twelve had perfect attendance.  A music award has been (or will be ) given to the following for perfect attendance:  Minnie DeGroot, Ethan & Owen Dodson, Ally, Alex and Nic Lara.  Several others only missed a couple of times—SO, thank you parents, for the dedication to singing praises!

Much of our time this year was spent learning the contents of the Lutheran Service Book (LSB).  In addition to the five new hymns that were memorized for anthems during a church service, we also studied the various “Order of Service”, tune names, psalm intonations, tune meters, and the indexes in the back of the book.  The kids found out that LSB is loaded with information!

A Special thanks to Suzi Yahney for sharing her musical skills with us as our accompanist and to Joyce Reid, our strict, yet lovable Choir Mom! Joyce also does all the “behind the scenes” stuff.  Again, thanks to the parents for getting the choraliers to the rehearsals and the services.

Choraliers members were:  Minnie DeGroot, Ethan & Owen Dodson, Kaylee Donohoe, Denice Hansen, Maddie & Mason Hicks, Ally, Alex, & Nic Lara, Peyton Sorensen and Cale Taylor.  Their picture for this season is hanging on display in the choir room.

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